It’s no secret that social media marketing can benefit your business. Not sure where to begin? Take a look at these 5 tips for a successful social media marketing strategy!

First, establish a target audience?

For your social media marketing efforts to be successful, you must first decide who your business is trying to target. This will establish your brand voice and messaging, which is crucial to your content strategy going forward. Research your audience thoroughly before diving in. When researching, ask yourself – What type of content does your intended audience respond to? Which platforms are most popular with who you are trying to reach? How does this audience communicate with each other? You cannot create successful content without first knowing who you are trying to communicate with.

Make a content calendar for your marketing strategy!

A big part of being successful in social media marketing is sticking to your deadlines and keeping a constant presence on platforms. This is where your content calendar comes in. A content calendar will allow you to visualize your social media strategy while keeping you on track to achieve your goals. This tool allows you to plan out your content in advance. Pro tip: use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Sendible to schedule your content to publish automatically. Make sure to keep in mind that real time content is also important to the success of your business on social, so leave places in your content calendar for present information and set a reminder for yourself!

Create engaging content.

When creating social media content for your business or brand, it is crucial that your audience feels engaged and interested to ensure that they keep coming back to your social media pages for more. How can you do this? Ask questions! Create compelling images to accompany information. Publish local content. Instead of posting 9 times a day create one quality post. Always remember quality content over quantity.

Learn from what does not work and improve it.

In order to be successful at marketing your business on social media you need to be constantly monitoring your pages to determine what is working and what is not. If a certain strategy is not working after a long enough period, adjust your content accordingly. Building your presence on social is a learning experience. See something that is working? Keep doing it! Even better, find ways to improve it to keep the movement happening.

Patience is key.

Social media marketing success does not happen overnight. Allow your brand time to create lasting relationships with your audience.

Overall, a well thought out social media marketing strategy will benefit your business the most. Not sure you want to take on the responsibility? Outsourcing your social media is always an option! Contact us for more information!

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