“So…when will I start seeing results?”

How to determine social media ROI is a question we get asked a lot. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t the same for every business. Social media marketing varies depending on each business’ strategy, budget, goals, etc. For some, you could begin to see results within the first few months while others might take a bit longer.

It all depends on a few things: a developed content strategy, budget and commitment.

Develop a Strategy and Define Your Goals

The only way social media marketing will truly work is by developing a thorough content strategy. This means determining a clear set of audience demographics (age, gender, location, interests) and basing your content and posting strategy around what will attract your audience. Often times, this takes a little bit of experimenting to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Once you develop your strategy, it’s important to specify your goals. What are you hoping to gain from social media marketing? Do you want more followers or likes? Are you looking for engagement and/or impressions across your social platforms? Or are you using social to gain new leads or bring in new customers? It’s important to have some sort of metric to measure to gauge the effectiveness of your content strategy and make changes or alterations as needed.

Having a clear strategy and set of goals at the beginning of your social media marketing journey is important, it’s good to know what progress you’ve made. However, you might find that your strategy and/or goals change the longer you use social media—and that’s okay!

Decide Your Budget

Determining how much money you want to spend on your social media marketing campaign is a big decision. Obviously, the more you spend the better chances you have at being successful and reaching a greater audience. But businesses with a smaller budget, don’t be so quick to count out social media! Even with a smaller budget or ad spend, you’ll be able to make an impact on social—it’s all determined by your strategy.

It’s important to let your brand’s social presence build organically before you begin to throw a lot of money towards promoting your page. Customers are more likely to trust a brand who has a consistent presence rather than one who has paid for likes or followers. That brings me to my next point…

Commitment and Consistency is Key

Once you’ve got all of that figured out, it’s time to let social media start working it’s magic—just make sure you’re doing your job by staying consistent and committed. Keep your posts consistent with your brand and engage with your customers! Followers like to see businesses connect with users on a personal level. This means replying to messages and comments and posting relevant content, without over-posting or spamming their timelines. If you’re consistent, after a while you’ll begin to create a “voice” or style for your brand and customers will take notice.

In short, don’t rush the process! Any good business owner understands that it takes time to build a company—the same goes for social media. However, if you have a solid strategy, the right tools in place and a marketing team (or agency…like, say No Time for Social) that’s willing to put in the work, you’ll begin to notice a boost in your social presence.

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