Social media has become the crucial part of digital communications strategies, especially when it comes to driving website traffic. This case study shows how important social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are at reaching people online and directing them to a company website to make a purchase.

The Client

Raze Motorsports specializes in aftermarket performance ECU components, custom engine strategies, engine calibrations, state of the art turbo systems and performance kits for Snow bikes, UTV’s, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles and Diesel trucks. Raze Motorsports contracted No Time for Social to brand the business using social media and to use ads to promote the sale of their products online.

The Challenge

Raze Motorsports hired No Time for Social before the initial launch of their business, so the challenge was to use our social media expertise to increase website visits and the purchase of online products.

Our Strategy

After completing extensive research on their target market, we determined that our primary focus would be on Facebook and Instagram. We had to create engaging content paired with proper monitoring and engagement to build a social media presence from the ground up.

The Results

Social media played an integral role in driving traffic to the Raze Motorsports website. All of the social media channels combined accounted for 24% of website traffic, with Facebook mobile accounting for 18% of that number.


Keys To Success

The first step in creating a social media presence to drive traffic to a website is determining the target audience. With Raze Motorsports, we determined that the target audience was males aged 28 to 54. With this knowledge, we could create content that would appeal directly to this group. Identifying the target should be the first step in any kind of marketing campaign, digital or otherwise!

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