Facebook events and running ads to promote them is an effective strategy to increase in-store foot traffic. Facebook events are one of the best tools for local businesses with a brick and motor location. It gives the business a fun and unique way to reach new customers and allows existing fans/customers to share and invite their friends to attend.

The Client

Dart’em Up is an indoor Foam Dart Sports Arena — a fun and exciting place to play Dart Tag games with family and friends.

The Challenge

Increase foot traffic from people within a 20+ mile radius for specific events and promotions.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for increasing foot traffic into Dart’em Up included using Facebook events and event ads to engage fans, increase awareness and create a direct line of communication for those who were attending.

Events were created on the Facebook page and fans were encouraged through page posts to RSVP. In addition, targeted ads were run to the ideal customers within a 20+ mile radius of the location at least 2 weeks prior to the event start date. Once the event started to gain traction, separate content was created and posted inside the event to reach those who had already RSVP’ed “going”, “maybe” or “not interested” to continue to promote reasons to attend. Page fans were regularly encouraged to share the event and tag their friends to RSVP.

The Results

facebook events rsvp example

Event: Thanksgiving Break – https://facebook.com/events/144139729546784/

Responses: 791

Average Number of Walk-in’s/day from promo: 250

ROI: $1,750 daily average* increase in sales

*Daily average is based on the total amount of new customer walk-ins during this event and the purchase of an hourly play pass. This average does NOT include additional sales like upgrades, additional play hours purchased, etc.

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