The Client

Waterfall Gourmet Beverages is a distributor of fine beverages and products for the specialty coffee community in the Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

The Challenge

To create a post that could be used as an ad that would engage the maximum number of fans for the lowest cost possible.

Our Strategy

We knew that the best way to successfully reach and engage the maximum amount of Waterfall Gourmet Beverage’s audience was to create a video. We decided to create a simple 24 second, soundless time-lapse video that showcased a member of the Waterfall Gourmet Beverages team preparing an order as he stacked a pallet to get it ready for delivery.

We chose to run this as a video views ad on Facebook in order for it to be shown to people more likely to watch the video. We knew that if the audience watched just three seconds of a video, ad recall is lifted by 47% and brand awareness is lifted by 32%.

The video views ad ran from June 20 – July 30, a 41-day timeframe using a $100 budget. Fans of the page, as well as a targeted demographic similar to the page fans was chosen for the ad audience.


The Results

The success of this video ad shows in the video engagements (impressions and reach) and length of video views. Over 10,000 people were reached as a result of this ad and over 20,000 impressions were earned.  Almost 3,000 people watched 75% of this video and almost 2,000 people watched this video to the very end. This ad was successful as a direct result of the video being short, engaging, and because it told a story to the audience. In the US, most users watch less than 25% of the video. In this case, almost half of the audience watched until 50%.

Statistically, if a video ad is viewed for 10 seconds, ad recall is lifted by 74% and brand recognition is lifted by 65%. That means that 5,248 people fall under that category.

By focusing on these insights, we were able to better understand what works for Waterfall Gourmet Beverages in order to increase engagement and views. It is clear that businesses should use short, interesting videos that tell a story to increase views.

Success of this video was measured by video engagements and the length of video views. See the breakdown below:

Impressions Video Views 3 seconds or more Video Views 10 seconds or more Video views to 25% Video views to 50% Video views to 75% Video views to 100% Reach
20,591 9,998 5,248 7,403 4,553 2,912 1,991 10,060

Keys To Success

How can you ensure that your video views ad will increase engagement? More advertisers are adopting video views as an option so it is important that you take proper steps to ensure that your business stands out among the competition and to ensure the success of your video.

First things first, the video should be without sound. 85% of video on Facebook are watched with the sound off. If you choose to use sound, you are creating an extra step for your audience to take, and it is likely that they will not choose to use sound. It is crucial that your audience gets the most out of what you are putting out there with your video and you do not want them to miss out on your creative concept. In other words, focus on a visual concept. If you feel that it is absolutely necessary to use sound to better tell your story, make sure you provide captions, and make sure that those captions line up with your video correctly. Keep in mind that it is distracting from the picture.

Next, Short and simple always wins. Make sure that your story you are trying to tell comes to life quickly and in the first couple of seconds. You don’t want to lose viewers before you get to the most important part of your video. Make sure all frames have a purpose.

The video should be professional and visually appealing. Invest time into editing the creative and making sure the video is clear and shot well.

Lastly, it is crucial that you know your audience. The people you are trying to reach are more likely to pay attention to your video content if it is relevant to their behaviors and interests. This means that you are customizing a message to them. This will help you in the end because it will be obvious as your measure your video’s success. It is always a good idea to test the waters. Make two different videos catered to the same audience to see which did better and why. This will help you understand your audience better.

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