The Client

OC Burgers, an American fast food restaurant located in Watauga, Texas (just north of Fort Worth), contacted No Time for Social looking for social media management and help promoting the restaurant’s brand new location opening.

The Challenge

OC Burgers wanted to advertise their grand opening event using Facebook to drive local traffic to their location.

Our Strategy

After months of monitoring OC Burgers’ Facebook page and customer interactions with posts, we concluded that A) a video ad would be most successful and B) a Page Post Engagement ad would reach the biggest audience. The new location opening ad included a 10 second video slideshow of menu items and encouraged Facebook viewers to take an action by “tagging” (@Mention) the friends they hoped to attend the grand opening with in the comment area below the ad.
Our target audience was Facebook users, ages 18-65+ who were located within a 10-mile radius of Denton Hwy in Watauga, Texas, and whose interest matched hamburgers, burgers or fast casual restaurants.


The Results

The ad ran for a total of three days (Aug. 30 – Sept. 2) prior to the location opening and in that time earned 18.2K views, with an organic reach of roughly 12,300 and a paid reach of over 31,2600. With a budget of $150, the cost per action (engagement) was only $0.01.


Since we ran this ad as a Page Post Engagement, the data metrics analyzed were the amount of post engagements—how many people were taking an action with the ad (reactions, comments and shares)? Post Engagements totaled 13,463, with a final total of 418 reactions, 131 comments and 120 shares. The vast majority of the comments were users tagging their friends, as this was the specific action we encouraged users to take.


Once an ad receives more than 500 impressions, Facebook assigns a “Relevance Score”: a rating of 1 to 10 based on how the target audience is responding to the ad. The ad we created was able to achieve a relevance score of 9, meaning the ad was effective in reaching a large number of people within the target audience for a low cost. This also means that of the people we targeted, a large number proved to take an action with our ad.

Keys To Success

Choosing to use a Page Post Engagement ad that included a video component proved to be the most effective for this specific event. Why?

Video ads have proven to be effective on Facebook. However, the reason that Page Post Engagement ads are so successful is because there is a specific call-to-action, which increases the ad’s Engagement Rate. Engagement Rate on Facebook is noted as the overall percentage of people who saw your post and ACTIVELY engaged with it.

In the case of OC Burgers’ ad, we asked users to tag their friends in a comment. Every time a user actively reacted to the ad (whether that be by liking, commenting or sharing), it broadened the audience reach to those users and their friends. This means that the more people engaging with the ad, the greater the reach.

Over the course of three days we were able to reach nearly 44k users and of that, over 13k directly engaged with the ad. That means roughly 30% of the audience we were able to reach took a direct action and contributed to the overall success of the ad.

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