The Client

Rope Bat, an online business that sells a hitting aid/swing trainer for softball and baseball players wanting to better “perfect” their swing.

The Challenge

Rope Bat contracted No Time for Social to help promote their products and increase online sales.

Our Strategy

We knew the best strategy was to begin running Facebook ads for Rope Bat as well as set up a Facebook store, making Facebook their one stop shop for e-commerce.We only ran 5 Facebook ad campaigns over the course of 3 months but were able to provide Rope Bat with a noticeable ROI.

The Results

We’ve only ran 5 Facebook ad campaigns over the course of 3 months but have been able to provide Rope Bat with a noticeable ROI.  Our most successful campaign was an ongoing video promotional ad for their products, which earned over 404k views and had a reach of over 735k people.


We also ran a smaller ad campaign over the course of just one month and were able to reach over 60k users.


The engagement from these campaigns has directly resulted in a greater increase in online sales from Facebook’s online store. In just three months, we were able to produce just over $2k in sales for Rope Bat.  With a total of 2660 product views and over 220 clicks, 34 total purchases were made directly through the Facebook store.


Keys To Success

These campaigns have been so successful because of specific product branding as well as customized audience ad targeting. We focused on Facebook’s Audience Insights to determine who is mostly interested in this product and who’s more likely to click. In this case, the majority of Rope Bat’s product reach was coming from roughly 80 percent men, age 35-44. Nearly 90 percent of the ads seen were viewed on a mobile newsfeed.

By focusing on these insights, we were able to better develop ads that were going to reach the right people. We also knew that running a video ad would produce a higher engagement rate because the Rope Bat is a product that needs to be seen in action.

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