The Client

Fire in the Hole is a local pizzeria located in Downtown Round Rock. Fire in the Hole specializes in local craft brews, handmade Neapolitan-style stone fired pizza, fine wines, and other farm to table plates.

The Challenge

Fire in the Hole wants to inform people of their new delivery service using Facebook ads.

Our Strategy

We used two different types of Facebook ads to see which would perform better and engage more audience members. We used a page post engagement ad that included a GIF graphic, and a local awareness ad. We then created a target audience of Facebook users, ages 18-65+ located within a 10-mile radius of 103 E Main St in Round Rock, Texas and whose interests matched fast casual restaurants or pizza.


The Results


We ran each ad for one week with a budget of $72.50.

The Page Post Engagement ad ran from September 9 – September 15, reached 14,128 people, and resulted in 7,755 post engagements. The goal of using this type of ad is to increase the amount of engagements and actions people take on the ad including reactions, comments and shares.

People Taking Action Post likes Post Comments Shares Link Clicks Page Likes
6,384 29 0 0 0 11

The Local Awareness ad ran from September 16 – September 22, reached 14,560 people, and resulted in 27,276 impressions. When using a local awareness ad, the goal is to have the ad shown to a lot of people within a specific area.

People Taking Action Post likes Post Comments Shares Link Clicks Page Likes
16 13 0 0 3 1

Facebook also rates ads with a relevancy score rating after the ad receives more than 500 impression. This rating, on a scale of 1 to 10, is based on how your audience is responding to the ad. The Page Post Engagement ad received a score of 6, while the Local Awareness ad received a score of 4.

Keys to Success:

After looking at the results of both ads, the Page Post Engagement with a GIF image proved to be the most successful of the two. Overall, our goal was to increase user’s awareness of the new delivery service. When we compare the two ads, we can see that more people acted on the page post engagement ad with the GIF.

With Page Post Engagement ads, we can observe the overall Engagement Rate. This means we can see how many people on Facebook actively engaged with the ad when it was shown to them. We can see that they took an action, and we know that a large audience was exposed to the ad.

We can see that the Page Post Engagement ad led to more post likes and page likes than the Local Awareness ad, which in turn leads to more exposure for the business.

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