The Client

WagABag is a local convenience store serving the communities of Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Hutto, Liberty Hill and Austin since 1964.

The Challenge

To optimize each tweet as an opportunity to raise strengthen follower relationships.

Our Strategy

By using Twitter as a means to reply to customers and communicate with other local accounts, we have been able to give WagABag a more humanized voice. From July 2016 to September 2016, we looked at examples of tweets and replies to see how Twitter can be used for these purposes.


Twitter Improves Customer Service

Twitter can be an effective tool for quick back and forth communication with customers in need. Customers are turning to Twitter when they need help from a brand because they know that companies monitor their responses and can be reached quickly in times of need. Below is an example from July of 2016:

We can also see from the analytics that a combined 233 people saw this interaction between WagABAg and the customer.  We can also read that this leads to other metrics such as users looking at the WagABag profile, or viewing the details of the tweets exchanged. This exposure is good for WagABag.

Twitter Creates Awareness        

Twitter can also be used for brands to engage with other local companies or organizations. WagABag recently teamed up with two local partners for a fundraiser. By mentioning these partners on Twitter, it shows an intention to create engagement with their accounts. One of the accounts mentioned retweeted the WagABAg tweet, creating even more exposure to their followers. By checking your notifications frequently, you can gauge the amount of activity and interaction happening, helping you to manage your brand. Because this was retweeted, we can see from the analytics that more people were reached, creating a total of 2,844 impressions. By creating conversations with other well-known users, such as the Round Rock Express, WagABag can maximize their brand’s awareness through retweets and mentions. More exposure leads to a higher number of likes, profile views, link clicks, etc.

Twitter for Audience Engagement and Conversation

While using Twitter as a tool for customer service or brand management can help your business, it’s also effective for simple audience engagement. When you are present with your followers, it builds customer loyalty. Twitter is an effective platform for fans to send a quick compliment, become an advocate for your business, and overall creates a personal relationship with your customers. By replying to customer’s tweets, you are humanizing your brand.

Again we can see that engaging with a user leads to further engagements and impressions, making more people aware of your brand and your care for your customers.

Keys To Success

In order to successfully use Twitter to build your brand and strengthen relationships with your customers you must be prepared to monitor your Twitter account often. Research shows that Twitter users expect a response from a brand they reach out to and 53% of them want a response in under an hour. Responding to a customer’s tweet or direct messages days or even weeks later is often a missed opportunity.

In addition to monitoring your business’s account, engaging with your fans on Twitter is another key to being successful on this platform. Creating and posting engaging content, using popular hashtags and “favorite”ing their posts helps strengthen relationships and build brand loyalty.

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