7 Ways To Boost Engagement

social media engagement

Engagement is key to developing a strong social presence. The best way to increase your engagement rate on social media is by understanding your audience. What do they want to see? It’s different for every brand but there are a few common techniques successful marketers use to increase engagement. Here are seven things to include in your content strategy to help boost audience interaction and engagement.


One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is posting content that doesn’t relate to their business. It wouldn’t make sense for a restaurant to post articles about home maintenance, now would it? Those users want to see photos of food! Keep your content friendly, informative and native to your brand’s voice. And don’t forget—quality over quantity!


Videos are one of the best tools for audience engagement. In fact, video posts average 62% more engagement than photos! Luckily for us, technology has made it easy to create and share video content. A quick 30-second video about a product or behind-the-scenes look at your business will get your audience engaged and excited about your brand.


Another easy way to get your audience involved is by encouraging them to take an action. This could mean asking a question or having them tag a friend in the comments. When users interact with a post, the organic reach increases—which means more people see that post!


Hashtags are a great way to stay relevant! Create a specific hashtag that correlates to your brand and encourage your audience to use it. Or stay up-to-date on current trending hashtags and join the conversation. This is a great way to get your brand name out to people who may not know about your business.


Have fun with your content! Surveys and polls aren’t only great for engagement they also can help you to understand your audience better. There are great tools for creating polls and surveysavailable online. But if you’re looking to keep it simple, try posting a quick poll on Twitter or upload a photo of a variety of products and have your audience comment on which is their favorite.


Customers respond better to businesses/brands who interact on a personal level. This means answering questions, responding to reviews or messages, liking comments and engaging in conversation.


It’s all a learning process! Sometimes the best way to learn is by taking risks. If something doesn’t work or your audience isn’t engaging, try something different next time. Social media continues to change and evolve and it’s important that your content strategy does too!

Incorporating GIFs Into Your Social Media Strategy

using GIFS

Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIFS, seem to be sweeping the social media landscape right now. GIFS are the harmonizing components of a photo and video, perfectly combined to create a looping image. They aren’t new, but they are becoming more popular than ever and are quite a hit among individual users. Find out why your business should be using these magical images in your social media strategy.

Does Your Marketing Plan Need A Content Strategy?


As we previously discussed in a  blog, content strategy is important to mapping your social media presence. It is the overall vision that guides the voice of a brand in order to achieve a specific business goal while appealing to a certain target market. But does your social media marketing plan really need a content strategy to be effective? YES! Read on to find out why.