The social media landscape has taken over as the way customers communicate with businesses. Not only does it allow for a quick response, but one negative social media review has the power to impact positive or negative word of mouth, with the ability of reaching thousands of people. In many cases this can be a great thing, but one bad social media review can be the source of a lot of anxiety for many businesses.

Oftentimes a negative comment or warning of a particular experience sends business owners into a panic. Don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world. There are a number of ways businesses can respond in an appropriate way to comments or complaints, and sometimes even turn a negative experience into a positive customer service event. With the right response, your business can better your relationship with consumers.  Take a look at these 4 tips to help you craft the right response to negative social media reviews.

Always maintain professionalism, even when you feel like the consumer is wrong.

Sometimes a bad review will feel like a stab in the heart. Try your best not to take it personally and keep in mind that the world will be able to see your response. Take five minutes to cool down before you respond. You don’t want to say something in the heat of the moment that can come back to haunt your business forever. Any negative comment on your side could escalate the issue at hand. Instead, approach the review in a professional manner and explain that you are sorry that they had a negative experience and you hope that they will give your business another chance. It is always a good idea to invite the person who left the review to contact you personally so you can get more information.

Learn from the negative review!

Even the best businesses have room for improvement. Use the negative feedback to your advantage! Invite the consumer to use the product or service again and then follow-up with them to ensure that they are satisfied. This will show the public that you care enough to make changes and that they have a voice. Don’t delete the review unless it has profanity or is inappropriate. If they care enough to leave a review, they will most likely be checking back for a response. The last thing you want to happen is another harsh review, this time telling the public you deleted the first one.

Focus on the positive

Oftentimes a review will highlight some positive aspect of the consumer experience. Mention it in your response! Not only does it lessen the blow, but It benefits the business by highlighting a positive buried inside a negative.

Start a Conversation

Responding to a negative social media review is a great opportunity to engage meaningfully with consumers. Not only does a response show that you care, but it shows that you are listening to their concerns. For more intense issues always give them the option to contact you directly.

Most of the time, social media is a place where businesses are able to engage positively with fans of their brand. Use these tips to keep your business in a positive light in the eyes of the public.

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