Learn the pros and cons to hiring an in-house social media marketer vs. a social media agency and find out which one is right for your business.

As more businesses shift the focus of their marketing strategy to the digital realm, business owners are faced with the decision to either hire an in-house marketing professional or outsource their efforts. When making this decision, a business owner must consider a number of factors–one of the driving factors being cost.

According to Payscale, an entry-level Social Media Strategist would cost a business roughly $46k per year. Considering that this is the average salary for entry-level employee, that number could go up significantly depending on their level of experience. Keep in mind this also means the extra cost of adding another employee to payroll and offering benefits.

With outsourcing, the price is notably cheaper. Depending on the marketing agency, this could cost a business owner anywhere from a few hundred to under a thousand dollars a month, determined by the size of the business, social platforms, marketing strategy, etc.

To further weigh the options, let’s consider the pros and cons between the two.

Pros of In-House Marketing:

  1. Dedicated marketer/team who are familiar with goals, objectives, ins-and-outs of business
  2. Quicker access to digital marketing
  3. Could train current employees to handle the marketing efforts, saving money

Cons of In-House Marketing:

  1. Costly (could cost a business over double the amount of outsourcing)
  2. Training a marketer/team is time-consuming
  3. Limited perspective, possible learning curve/stagnant skillset

Pros of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing:

  1. Significantly most cost effective than in-house (as much as half the cost or greater)
  2. Fresh, creative marketing perspective from a team of marketing professionals, who are familiar with the ins-and-outs of marketing a business
  3. A positive ROI, delivered results
  4. Familiar with competition, up-to-date on new marketing techniques and guidelines

Cons of Outsourcing Your Marketing:

  1. Cannot be on-site full time, communication takes extra effort
  2. Contact with customers is not direct (from business), could appear less personalized

What’s Best For Your Business?

To recap, hiring in-house is more expensive but it can give businesses a more personalized approach. Outsourcing is clearly the most cost effective option but in order to be successful you will need to maintain a high level of communication with the agency.

If you are in the midst of making this decision and would like to hear more about what our agency could offer you, feel free to contact us.