Staying up-to-date on marketing trends and tools is imperative to growing your business in a world that is, in many ways, fueled by social media. Early this year, Facebook rolled out its own Stories platform and owned up a whole new platform that businesses can use to reach consumers. Much like Snapchat and Instagram. Facebook Stories allows users to post videos and pictures and share them with their followers. This can be useful for your business in a variety of ways.

Engage With Customers In An Innovative Way

Blog posts and articles serve their purpose, but more and more companies are turning to video ads in order to engage with current customers, as well as bring in new ones. It is also becoming more apparent that companies that work with video have a better chance at grasping the customer’s attention. In 2013,  National Center for Biotechnology Information found that the average attention span is only nine seconds. Facebook Stories allows businesses offer exclusive promotions, “behind-the-scenes” footage, and other content that may get lost in other types of posts.

Why Facebook Stories Is Good For Your Business

Facebook Stories is an -easy-to-use video platform that can allow you to reach your customers in a personal way. Whether you’re an online business, an in-store location trying to increase foot traffic, or a business that comes straight to the consumer, Facebook Stories allows you to interact with potential customers in a variety of different ways. For example, Facebook Stories are available to the followers of your business for 24 hours. Your company could create an exclusive offer that could only be redeemed by those who saw your video post. This type of exclusive ad feels less invasive to the customer, while also establishing a personal connection between the business and the consumer.

How Does It  Work?

 Facebook Stories allows you to share photos and video directly, or to your feed. Here’s how it works.

  • Tap on the “Your Story” icon in the Stories bar at the top of news feed.
  • Alternatively, you can tap the camera icon in the top left of your screen or swipe right from news feed.
  • Tap the record button to take a photo or tap and hold it to record a video. You can also upload from your camera roll.
  • If you want to save a photo or video, tap the download icon.
  • Tap Your Story to add to your story, and then tap the send button.

You can also choose to share a photo or video to a single person or a group using the Direct option!

Connecting with customers in new and innovative ways is a crucial part of any successful business. So, how will your business begin telling its story?

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